Friday, April 27, 2007

The Big Sleep

The Big sleep was a 1946 movie of the classic detective work style. Another movie made famous by Humphrey Bogart. This Noire style movie revolves around alot of back stabbing and people double and triple crossing each other. It starts with the private detective Phillip Marlowe investigating a shady buisness. The business is found to sell pornography and other illegals and then blackmail the people who take part with the business. People then kill other people trying to get back at them, with the detective always a step behind. It has a very dark aura, the way it makes people seem that given in certain situation, they are capable of doing anything, such as black mailing, killing, and every just the thought of people taking part in illegal business.
One of my favorite songs is based on the actions in this movie. By Streetlight Manifesto on their first album, Every thing goes numb. A very dark CD in total, The Big Sleep song deals with alot with the darker side of human emotions and how they deal with them. the song opens with " Why do you cry when you know how the story ends?How can you laugh when you know that it hurts your friends?" and sets the tone for the rest of the song. Its is asking how and why we as a human A) are affected by when something bad happens that we know is gonna evetually happen, and B) why do we hurt the ones we love, with stupid little things. I do know the answers to these questions and I do not believe anyone else is capable of answering these questions because it deals with the true human nature and how we all separately deal with human emotions. " I'm not leaving this place,Unless I'm leaving with you" picks at how people should try to save one another from taking the wrong path in life. It is applibile to the movie and how people truly have good hearts and other know it.

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